We want you to meet Muri using our website.

“After many years of working as a painter, plasterer and carpenter, it was time for another challenge and experience in my life. I came in touch with the possibilities of Giorgio Graesan and Friends. This is the Italian market leader in the field of decorative wall editing. Giorgio Graesan and Friends is known for it´s work with natural materials and innovative products.

Muri is a professional and licensed painting company. We use four pillars to characterize and describe our company;





Muri uses imported materials and products of Giorgio Graesan and Friends. These products are used and highly recommended by architects from all over the world. The pictures below will show you the different styles and possibilities for your wall.


Are you looking for an industrial look or an elegant wall design? Istinto offers you several types of plastering to create an unique appearance; Pietra Spaccata, Pietra Zen, Pietra Intagliata, Bamboo and Cemento Naturale. Have a look at this page to search through the possibilities.


The name “Minimal” says it all; this type of plastering is simple and modern. The paint contains fine nacreous and selected quartz fillers. These materials react to light and create shiny opaque reflections. Are you curious about the possibilities? Have a look at this page.


The paint of Muro can be applied very easily; in just one coat, it will be smoothed over with our own spatula and polished with our gloves. This will create an unique effect on your wall! Do you want to know more about the colors of Muro? Click here!


La Via Lattea is the best option if you would like to have a stylish and elegant wall. The paint is matte and contains resins and pyramid-shaped metal fragments. That´s the reason why it reacts to light by changing reflections. Click here if you´re interested.


Fili di Seta distincts itself, because of the magical luster and the luxurious feeling of a wall covered in pure silk. The paint contains acrylic resins and natural sands. Fili di Seta can be applied very easily. Click here if you want to know more about Fili di Seta.