This kind of stucco is based on lime, marble powder and minerals. Istinto uses natural products, which are environmentally friendly. It offers numerous options to give you a unique look on your wall. We can create an industrial concrete look, as also elegant and sleek. With the aid of a spatula, one base layer is applied to the wall setting. Thereafter, there will be created special effects. These special effects create a sleek and smooth appearance or an irregular and rocky look with relief.

You can pick out of 169 different colors to give the wall a personal touch. Are you curious about the different types of Istinto? Take a look at the examples below!

Pietra Spaccata

Pietra Spaccata is known for its weathered industrial look. This way of plastering causes a look like there´s a lot of relief in the wall.

By combining different colors you can create a unique wall. Take a look at the pictures below!


Pietra Contemporanea; the newest product from Istinto which gives you an impression of stone. By playing with different colours you can create a unique, rocky wall in which different, complex patterns have been incorporated.

Not sure which colours to choose? Please contact us and we’ll give you some free colour advice!

Pietra Zen

Pietra Zen exudes calm and serenity. The stripes can be applied in the desired direction (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

Do you doubt the colors that you would like to use? No worries; we give you free color advice!

Pietra Intagliata

Pietra Intagliata will be applied in a special way. As you can see on the pictures, there are a lot of squares. This creates a hip and modern effect.

Pietra Intagliata makes walls with large surfaces suddenly a lot more interesting to look at!


The Bamboo line from Istinto also exudes calm and tranquility;

Simplicity is the key to brilliance”

Because of it´s simplicity and the natural look, Bamboo´s walls are unique appearances.

Cemento Naturale

Do you prefer a natural, industrial look? In that case, Cemento Naturale is definitely the best option for you.

Let´s get inspired by mother nature and choose the right color to give your wall a personal touch!