Spatula Stuhhi

Spatula Stuhhi is an extraordinary stucco, because of  its special features. It’s a glossy, ecological and high quality mineral stucco. The paint that will be used for Spatula Stuhhi contains marble powders and additives which makes the product highly resistant to humidity. Spatula Stuhhi is characterized by the reflections that will appear on the wall. Because the stucco will be applied in three layers, you can create a unique marble structure. When all three layers have been applied with a spatula, they will be polished immediately. This gives the wall a shiny and Venetian look. Spatula Stuhhi is resistant to moisture and can be used well in sanitary rooms or kitchens.

The paint of Spatula Stuhhi is available in 121 different colours.


Below you can find the countless colours that you can choose, if you want your wall to be stuccoed with Spatula Stuhhi.