Besides all design stucco’s from Giorgio Graesan, Muri can also offer you different finishing touches. We can create special effects, which makes your wall just a little different!

On this page you will find the various possibilities, which you can choose as your finishing touch!

Crea il tuo Universo

Every child’s dream!

Universio, the wall paint used for Crea il tuo Universo, consists of luminescent parts. This creates a beautiful, luminous sky or wall in the dark. During the day, the luminescent parts in the paint absorb the light, giving them a glow-in-the-dark effect at night. This makes Crea il tuo Universo extremely suitable for your child’s rooms. To obtain an optimal result, an ultraviolet neon fluorescent light can be added in the room. Universio is often applied in basic white, but the paint is also available in 84 other colours!

Aurora Boreale

Aurora Boreale uses a transparent wall paint which absorbs the light that appears on the wall during the day. The paint will be applied onto Istinto walls with a sponge or brush. Thereafter, the wall paint will immediately be “washed over” with a clean sponge and water. Through the relief in Istinto walls, it increases the contrast between the smooth and rough parts at night.


Gioia is a metallic, pearlescent paint with an elegant look. Consisting of flakes of silver mother of pearl, it illuminate your walls with reflections. This gives your wall a personality. Gioia contains no solvents and is easy to clean. Due to the extensive range of colours, this wall paint can be used in every lifestyle. Gioia is available in 169 different colours.


Oro resembles Gioia in a way, but has a gold mother-of-pearl effect instead of silver. This makes it possible to create chic, elegant and warm walls. The wall paint from Oro is therefore extremely suitable for restaurants and hotels. Oro is easy to clean and has a varied selection with more than 107 different colours!